Strayfield's product range
covers the entire spectrum of industry needs in the radio frequency heating and drying sector.

As the World's foremost suppliers of high frequency heating equipment Strayfield has over 40 years experience in designing and producing first class equipment for the textile, paper converting, glass fibre, woodworking, food processing and plastic welding industries.





For the Paper Converting, Direct Mail and Business Forms industries, we have a range of high frequency dryers, both horizontal and vertical, single and double sided. These are used for high speed drying of water-based coatings on Web and Sheet Finishing Lines and Presses, for applications like Pressure-Seal and Remoistenable adhesives. For Bookbinding lines, we offer in-line and stand-alone dryers for PVA emulsions for perfect binding applications. With more than 3500 installations Strayfield has the technical ability and experience to provide a solution for virtually any application within the field of radio frequency drying.

For Textile Dyeing and Finishing plants, we can offer both conveyorised and batch dryers and also vacuum assisted batch dryers for low temperature drying of thermally-sensitive package yarns.

For Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Plants, Strayfield can provide the kind of food processing equipment capable of providing a unique solution for product checking, together with productivity increases of up to 40%.