Proven Applications   Features
Continuous web finishing

Environmentally friendly

Sheet web finishing
Meets CE and all current
international regulations
Energy efficient selective
Book binding   heating
Simple to operate
Instantaneous heating, no
warm up time necessary
Pressure seal    

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Radio Frequency Drying for the Paper Converting Industry

High Frequency dielectric heating is proven as the most efficient method of drying water based adhesives, emulsions and coatings at high production speeds.

Water is so receptive to the effect of dielectric heating due to its high dielectric loss factor. This makes the process eminently suitable for selective drying and moisture profiling. Heating is dominant in areas, which contain the most water. Dryer areas remain cool and therefore no stress or damage due to over heating the paper substrate occurs.

The complete process is simple and precise. Today high frequency drying is common practice in the paper converting industry with appropriate and proven processes available as standard for a wide range of applications.