STRAYFIELD - ITMA 2007 Bulletin    

"ITMA is traditionally the most respected textile exhibition in the industries' calendar. It is historically the show window in which European textile machinery manufacturers display to the world all that is new in technology and innovation.



Some 30 years ago, Strayfield introduced to the textile world (via this very same exhibition) a drying technology which was to completely revolutionize the way we dry our yarns and fibers. A technology that concentrates on the way we evaporate water rather than the way we dry substrates. In other words, the first "direct method" of drying rather than the old fashioned "indirect methods" which had until then been our only way to dry our wet fibers.

For the next 15 years, almost 90% of our business was in the replacement of "traditional dryers" and with this, we developed a deep understanding of the importance of preserving the quality and integrity of the packages and the thermal limitations of the fibers.
Paramount to us was the need to observe the specific heat characteristics of the dyed product and to dry the product within it's own specific heat parameters.This meant careful selection of the correct type of capacitance (electrodes).

In our biscuit dryers, it is necessary to incorporate the "stray-field" type of electrode. (often called a rod electrode) it produces a "hard hitting" effect on the biscuits which is necessary, to remove the very tiny amounts of water in these thin products. Naturally we never use them in our textile dryers because of the high drying temperatures they produce. This could very easily lead to fires within the dryer.

In the following years and because there was now a drying system that could dry even the densest of packages at their correct drying temperatures (below 80C) Strayfield progressively added even bigger systems to the range but only after thorough and exhaustive development to ensure 100% generator efficiency and maximum valve life. After all, the valve is not a spare part but a vital and integral part of the equipment. Thermionic triode valves are expensive items and their full life span can only be realized if the equipment is correctly tuned and the power density factor (number of KwRF/m2 of capacitance) low enough to avoid over stressing the valve.

For the last five years our biggest single generator in general use is our 100kW. and like all Strayfield systems, it is designed to meet all the stringent regulations regarding Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and health & safety, in the Countries to where they are destined.
To be announced at the forthcoming ITMA is our latest addition, the 125kW "single generator" system and like it's brothers, it is designed to operate at 100% production efficiency and reliability and at the same time, give a full and satisfying valve life and not last just a few months.

For many years, there has been a market which has been prevented from buying a Strayfield because their production was not big enough to warrant the purchase of our smallest conveyor system, the 25kW (of which we have more than 100 in the field).

On show at ITMA will be our new addition, the 15kW. Three of these systems have been operating within the sewing thread industry for three years and have well passed our test of longevity and production performance.

This model can be seen at our booth 353 in hall C4.

From our earliest days, it has never been Strayfield's policy to introduce new models merely for the sake of being fashionable. We are the "originators" of to this industry and as such must take our responsibilities seriously. Such violations as interfering with communications and public health can only be avoided by serious and controlled research and development, which is carried out at our factory here in the UK, very close to London's Heathrow airport.

Eleven years ago, we formed a joint venture with the Monga Group in India. We have supplied the Indian market place from our excellent factory in Pune, known by the name of Monga Strayfield Pvt. Ltd. , ever since its institution. Today, Monga and Strayfield are unified as a single group and we can ship these machines directly to our customers all over the world with complete confidence, that they meet the same high criteria as the original from Strayfield, UK.

We look forward to meeting you at ITMA. "