Radio Frequency Drying for the Textile Industry

This product division represents the area of amalgamation for Strayfield and Fastran. Strayfield has traditionally been associated with conveyor dryers whilst batch vacuum 'Cooldry' models have traditionally been Fastran's area of specialty.

High frequency dielectric heating is proven to be the most efficient method of moisture removal for both natural and synthetic textiles. The combined product range offers the textile industry an extensive range with many advantages over conventional drying methods.


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The conveyorised range, featuring modular band, plc control and the flexibility to process the widest range of textile products after hydro-extraction due to motorised electrodes. The dryer is available in 25kW, 40kW, 85kW and 100kW single generator modules and multiples thereof. The specification includes an automatic control and monitoring system, allowing; instant operator access to operating parameters, pre-set band speed and electrode positions by menu, automatic adjustment of band-speed and power to ensure correct final moisture levels, diagnostic fault finding facility, alarm list and maintenance reminders.

The 'CoolDry' vacuum batch dryers are unique in the textile industry, they are perfectly suited to the drying of a wide range of thermally sensitive fibres, where particular emphasis is placed on processing at low temperatures. 'CoolDry' equipments are specifically designed so that product temperature at no time exceeds 60oC, whilst eliminating the need to hydor-extract prior to RF drying.




  • Reduction of energy consumption

  • Ease of operation

  • No steam requirements

  • No dye migration

  • Capacity of a single unit to dry a range of package and product types

  • Pollution free

  • Improvement of product quality

  • Rapid pay-back

  • Immediate heat - no warm up time

  • No contamination

  • Accurate final moisture control

  • Improved workplace environment - no radiated heat-loss