M.D.F. Medium Density Fibreboard

Radio Frequency pre-heaters have been supplied for use on continuous press lines in the MDF Industry since 1986. Units are typically sold in modules of 75kW, with between one and four modules being fitted per line.

The pre-heater is installed between the pre-press and the continuous press, it is used to raise the temperature of the fibre mat from 35 to 55 deg C. This allows the capacity of the defibrator (and therefore the production capacity of the line) to be optimised, particularly for finished board thickness of 6.0mm and above, where the limiting factor on throughput is press length.

Other significant advantages of RF pre-heating in addition to increasing throughput are:

  • Improved bond strength in the core of the board

  • Reduced formaldehyde emissions from finished panels

Machines have been supplied to the following Companies (Marketed through
Metso Panelboard ):

  • Fibranor, Rabade, Spain

  • Junkers Industries, Koge, Denmark

  • CSR Wood Panels, Oberon, NSW, Australia

  • Fibranova, Cabrero, Chile

  • Masisa, Concordia, Argentina