Radio Frequency Post Baking Systems
for the Food Industry


Conveyor Dryer





















-  Virtually Eliminates Checking

-  Increases line speeds by up to 40-50%

-  Moisture control becomes largely independent of colour control

-  Improves moisture profiling

-  Reduces evaporation of volatile flavourings








-  Reduction of energy consumption

-  PLC control and Fault Diagnostics incorporated as standard

-  Meets all appropriate European (CE) regulations

-  Gives increased production without increasing floor space of existing line

-  Reduces pollution - no by-products of combustion

-  Rapid Installation with minimal disruption to production

-  No contamination

-  Immediate RF heat - no warm-up time

-  Rapid pay-back

-  Automatic moisture control

-  Improved workplace environment - almost no radiated heat loss




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Technical Specification

SO75MB RF Conveyor Dryer

SO75MB Technical Data

Operating Frequency

nominally 27.12MHz

RF Power Output

75kW at full load

RF Efficiency

67-72% at full load

Cooling System

Integral Closed Loop Demineralised Water

Primary Water Flow

75 litres/min (11.65 imperial gals/min)

Primary Water Press.

4kg/sq cm (60 PSI)

Primary Water Temp.

10 deg C minimum, 26 deg C maximum

Electrical Supply

50/60Hz, 3 wire,

Power Consumption


Operating Voltage

360-600 volts, stability within +/- 5%

Compressed Air

0.043 cu.m/min at 6kg/sq cm

Operational Handing

Right Hand or Left Hand as required


Oven S/Steel, Generator Al or S/Steel

Operator Control Panel (HMI)
This system has the capacity to pre-set operating recipes for various products. The most commonly used machine settings are easily entered. The operator can select the required product by the simple push of a button.


Full Fault Diagnostic System
If a fault occurs, the cause of the fault is immediately displayed for the operator to see. The fault display also provides information to the operator on the relevant circuit reference where the fault has occurred and gives a list of check items to help clear the fault.


Built-in Maintenance Reminders
The operator screen automatically displays when maintenance should be undertaken and provides a message to the operator.


Standard Specification includes Moeller Switchgear, Mitsubishi FX series PLC and E600 Operator Interface Panel (HMI). Other components can be supplied at additional cost where required (e.g. Allen Bradley, Siemens etc.).


Conveyor includes pneumatic tensioning and tracking systems as standard and can be manufactured from mild steel with a painted finish, or entirely from Stainless Steel according to the requirements of the customer.


The conveyor infeed section can be fitted with a retractable noser to allow product reject if  required (optional at extra cost).


SO75MB Dimensional Specifications

Machine Width


Machine Length (Single Zone)

4840mm + conveyor infeed and outfeed

Machine Length (Double Zone)

8515mm + conveyor infeed and outfeed

Machine Height

1890mm + conveyor band height

Conveyor Band Height

typically 800mm to 1300mm

Strayfield Limited has a policy of continued improvement and reserves the right to alter specification at any time without notice.

For details of guarantee refer to the Strayfield Limited Terms and Conditions of Sale.