Radio Frequency Drying Systems
for the Textile Industry

Vacuum Textile Package Dryer

- The NEW SO25FV Dryer incorporates exclusive features unique to Strayfield Fastran

  • Eliminates the need for pre-water extraction system
  • Control of maximum evaporation rate and drying profile
  • Pre-set recipe menus for frequently processed products
  • Automatic fault diagnostics
  • Suitable for drying most textile packages with uniform bulk winding density
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  • Particularly suitable for small batch production quantities
  • The drying chamber represents a totally new design concept
  • Application of radio-frequency power is integrated into the drying chamber giving highly
        effective vacuum airflow characteristics
  • Gives very efficient drying process, thereby eliminating the shortcomings of many older
        generation Vacuum Radio-Frequency textile drying machines
  • RF capacity of up to 25kW of power
    Technical Specification
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