Plastic Welding    


The Transitmake range of equipment for PVC welding operations was acquired by Strayfield Limited.
The Transitmake rotary indexing table welders along with the tooling electrodes are now manufactured in the UK by Strayfield Limited.
These machines are widely used for welding of soft vinyl sheets, using electrode having a shape of the final weld profile.
Typical applications cater to stationery items, pouches for injectibles, automobile interiors, inflatable toys, aesthetic packaging of small engineering items, gifts, textiles etc.


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Strayfield, today, offers a plethora of High Frequency PVC welding equipment ranging from 1.2kW to 40kW. These machines are available with high productivity adaptations such as shuttle trays, linear auto indexers and rotary indexers, to name a few. Strayfield manufactures the tooling electrodes for all its machines as well. The press can be manual, pneumatic or hydraulic depending on the size and nature of the PVC article to be welded.

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  • Comfortable working height
  • Manual, single shot and automatic modes
  • Precision scroll cam indexing (for rotary indexing model)
  • Sensitive solid state arc suppressor
  • Adjustable press stroke setting
  • Hydraulic press operation
  • Table delay timer
  • Slide-in tool changing
  • EMC compliant generator
  • Suitable for blister to card sealing
  • Individual operator over-ride at each station
  • Heated top platen
  • Hinged and interlocked guard
  • Shuttle facility