Company History and profile:    

Strayfield Limited founded in 1968, was established to produce Radio Frequency Equipment capable of reliable continuous operation.

The first equipment manufactured by the Company was for the biscuit and cracker industry. Continuous development effort over the years has seen the introduction of equipment for use in the drying of Textile Yarn, Glass fibres and Paper Coatings and for Radio Frequency heating of a whole range of products from foodstuffs to Medium Density Fibreboard.

The Strayfield name today stands above all for high quality consistent performance equipment.

Over the years the ownership of Strayfield has seen changes, and the company has also been known as Strayfield International, Proctor Strayfield and Strayfield Limited.

Strayfield designs and produces first class equipment for the textile, paper converting, glass fibre, woodworking and food processing industries

Strayfield has been traditionally associated with conveyorised dryers for the textile industry and since 1999, has extended its range to batch fed, vacuum cooled models, which was speciality of Strayfield's former associate company, Fastran Engineering. The Fastran company originated from the research and development division of a leading woollen manufacturer based in Galashiels in the heartland of the Scottish textile industry. Dedicated to the specialist requirements of the textile industry, Fastran manufactured radio frequency dryers for the woollen, cotton and synthetic fibre wet processing industry. Strayfield inherited and has significantly improved the reliability of the famous 'CoolDry' system from Fastran, which now utilises sophisticated RF technology and simultaneous vacuum application. Today Strayfield's product range covers the entire spectrum of industry needs in the radio frequency drying and heating sector.


Strayfield has an extensive network of sales, service and spare parts agencies world-wide. Engineering services and spares of first class quality are made available globally from this network.